Manufacturer Targeting


Looking for and finding any manufacturer in Turkey is a time consuming business. It may require traveling from a city to another for days. It is quite difficult to find the right manufacturer that will manufacture the products as you desire and deliver in time, which may be costly and risky. However, we know the right manufacturer that has a certain experience as well as factory equipments and would like to present you. We follow up the procedure regarding the production and delivery phase carefully. By cooperating with us, you may avoid the risky steps to take with the wrong manufacturer and focus you business without thinking the production instead.

Sample Development


We prepare design and color collections for our customers, thus you can have a sample collection special for you at no cost on design and research. Moreover, we may prepare sample for your existing collection and models for your approval. Preparing and checking the samples of your order before the manufacturing phase will eliminate the possible mistakes. Besides, you may make some changes on the product after the samples prepared. We present you the sample preparation and delivery service free of charge. Try our offers to make a better profit in your business.

Production & Follow-Up


Regular controls during the production phase will be helpful to avoid any mistake. In the factories, with the beginning of the production phase, our controls begin, as well. We control the products on the machines and procure to make the necessary involvements. Other phases and packaging follow. All of the materials of the suppliers from the label to packaging are controlled and approved. We involve many controls which you cannot recognize but may affect the quality of the product. Based on our control, our customers receive their orders faultless and in time.

Shipping Organization


You may have some manufacturers in different cities in Turkey or you may trade in Turkey for the first time. An important subject is to gather all of your manufacturers and make a bulk shipping to lessen your costs. Preparing accurate documents for the customs of your country is another important subject not to cause any problem. We have enough experience in organizing customs documents required for each country. We may realize the shipping operation accurately by either providing consulting service to your manufacturer or through ZERA Socks. Our export department staff shall provide you necessary information regarding the international transportation, banking and payment terms etc.

Documentation & Export


You may be provided only export, customs and transportation services by ZERA, as well. We serve our customers by receiving all of the orders from any part of Turkey and deliver to the warehouse address. We serve our customers in the realization of the export operation by preparing the required documents and organizing the transportation operation. Our customers whose orders we follow in Turkey do not pay any amount for such services we provide. We provide such services only for Turkish goods. We do not provide any agency services for the goods manufactured out of Turkey and sold as Turkish made goods. Prefer ZERA for easy and reasonable export costs and overcome the drawbacks easily.

Wholesale Textiles


Another important business area of our company is the trade of garments, underwear and socks. We keep our regular customers informed about the export surplus, cancelled orders etc. of leading manufacturers in Turkey by our web site or e-mail. You may increase your profit margin by purchasing such products in reasonable prices. Furthermore, such goods we call stock goods may be repackaged by your own label or packaging designed. Please contact us to get the benefit of our very special offers. We provide sale services from stocks to some companies and countries we have regular arrangements.

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