About Us

About Us

We provide services of quality control, representation and wholesale for underwear and sock manufacturing. We currently work with wholesalers, stores, agencies and importers in different countries. We can work with you for the manufacturing of all kinds of socks or underwear products in Turkey.

The main activity area of our company which was established in 2004 is socks and underwear products. We provide service in these sectors with our expert team which has all kinds of production, quality control and sales experience. Each and every one of our team member is educated,worked at every stage from production to marketing stages and gained experience in their field. Only our team of specialists in their fields can assist you.

As an agency ZERA we don’t make manufacturing however, we are on contract with many manufacturers and exporters in Turkey and we also have good trade relations. Since there are underwear and socks manufacturers working for only our company, we have the advantage of working fast and without problem on production and planning. We are able to increase our capacity very fast with respect to the requirements and requests of our customers and are also able to determine our method of work special to the customer.We are able to act flexible for providing special work for each customer. We always act within the following principle: correct manufacturer for the correct customer, correct price and delivery on time. If you wish to work with experts in their field, for your orders, we would also be proud to serve you. We can have products manufactured for you or we can follow up the production of your orders in the manufacturers. We can perform and conduct your shipping and export transactions and can research manufacturers and products within Turkey. Please write us or call us to take advantage of these services with very reasonable terms and conditions.Work with professionals and do not experience any problems in your trade.

Please prefer English in all correspondence with us so we can answer you promptly. Please contact us for representation, agency, export, wholesale and more information.

We are a member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association.

Manager: Dinçer TAŞ

Phone : +90 212 4381112, Mobile: +90 532 3478707
E-mail : dincer@socksturkey.com
Skype : dincer-zera